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Blackjack or 21

Blackjacks rules: how to play a blackjack?

The ancient origins of Blackjack go back to France where it is called Vingt-et-un reflecting the fact that the key number in the game is 21. Some say it has the same roots as baccarat in which the object is to have a card total equal to nine. Blackjack is very popular in gambling houses throughout the world, and is sometimes played at home.

Blackjack is played with normal playing cards. However, for convenience, and to help prevent players from counting cards, multiple decks are most often used. The object of the game is to be dealt a tally of cards that equals or gets as close as possible to 21. While the object and basic rules of Blackjack are simple and clear cut, the specific rules of Blackjack regarding a player's ability to double or split are a bit more complex, but not so much so as to diminish the playability and popularity of the game.

The rules of Blackjack familiar to most people are those that are used in gambling houses and casinos. Yet there are minor variations that make play at home more enjoyable and balanced.

Because of the makeup of a deck of cards the odds of getting any particular card at any particular time is set. By understanding the odds a player can greatly increase his or her chances of winning a hand. These odds then will influence the best strategies in playing Blackjack.

Card counting strategies have also been devised to increase a player's odds. Although counting cards is not a full-proof method of winning every hand, some evidence suggests that it can influence the ultimate odds.

One of the things that players of Blackjack should understand is that like any other gambling game played in casinos, the odds of winning the game, no matter the strategy employed by the player, are always slightly in favor of the house. Of course, this is also true when playing online blackjack. This means that on average, over time, even the most skillful player will lose more money that he or she will win. No legal system has ever been devised that will beat the odds. Many people have put a great deal of thought into how this might be done. Many of them ended their days in the "poor house". However, if a player approaches Blackjack as a fun game and plays responsibly, it can be a fun, and at times, an exhilarating pass-time.

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Remember blackjack is a gambling game. Players should never gamble more than they can afford to lose.

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